• Natural History

    Knowing a little natural history will enliven your walks. There are so many interesting clues, mysteries, and connections to consider..

  • Fireside Sessions

    Here you will find nature-based games, awareness exercises, guest speakers, reenactments and more. Together, these activities offer interesting perspectives of.

  • Sticks & Stones

    If you like bushcraft and survival skills then this is the page for you. Posts will include everything from shelters.

  • Support the Lessons

    Help me share these skills with everyone! Financial givings are from of your own generosity and not required to make.

A quick note about this project

This site was created in the fall of 2020 (during the pandemic) to share top quality content online. Creating this site rests on decades of learning and teaching interesting ways to experience the benefits of nature. You will find some great activities that can be incorporated on family outings with some simple but engaging topics. For professional guides, there is plenty of tools here for you too. Those looking to dig deep into bushcraft and survival skills will find some in-depth material too. Take a look around–enjoy it! share it!

If you enjoy the content and are able, please donate as if you were taking a workshop. This website (and related activities) is my full time job. Please support free content by making a donation. If you already have then a big THANK YOU! ; }

NOTE. Some activities, and nature outings in general, have inherent risk. This site is not intended to show you basic principles of safety. In that sense, this site is for entertainment purposes.