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• New Lessons! : }

Financial support can pay for expenses and extra help needed so I can focus more on getting lessons out faster.

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Think of the details needed to create a primitive bow or making an Inuit style sea-kayak. Not to mention even the simplest of activities and skills rarely found in modern outdoor educational settings. These skills mean something. You know it when you see how youthful spirits light up from the teachings.

• A Faster Site! : }

With more support I can upgrade my internet speed and pay for better site configuration to make the viewers experience more enjoyable.

• You Get More People Learning Nature-based skills : }

The underlying tenet of outdoor education is create positive experiences in nature that work towards pro-environmental behaviours. This online lessons/activities page will help viewers take the knowledge with them to share with their friends and family.

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Consider in-person lessons in most outdoor education settings range from $50-250/day based on the needs of the organization.



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Project Requiring Funds: cliffLAND’s Blueberry Mountain Benches.


 Fund the building and placement of numerous benches along the popular Blueberry Mountain trail. Land trust site used by the public. Send e-transfer or questions to [email protected] for $700. Each bench comes with a customized dedication plaque by the Silver Shingle.