M.A. B.Ed. B.Nat.Sci B.Hon.Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism. Other training and certificates includes Cornell’s Natural Sound Recordist, Tom Brown Jr., & Mors Kohanski survival and nature lore courses. I am currently working on a college ‘Online Learning Design’ program to help with this project.

I have been privileged to participate in various projects and productions including some consulting work with host Hugh McManners for BBC2’s Bare Necessities; The Great Outdoorsman; Regional Contact; and related. From the early stages, I became involved in and led workshops, multi-day courses, trips, public demos, and taught related courses at colleges and universities.

My journey has followed intense sessions of learning where I have explored my interests with vigour. For example, when I became interested in exploring animal tracks, I took four weeks of courses from world renowned tracker Tom Brown Jr. and have since: taken 1,000s of track photographs; created a tracking tool for field identification; created a full-sized tracking poster of local tracks and techniques to identify tracks; spent 1,000s of hours tracking; and training others through afternoon workshops and three day intensives.

I have explored other interests in the natural world with equal dedication including activities such as: primitive bow building; primitive fires; shelter making; lost proofing; survival skills; skin on frame kayaks; soundscape research; wild plants; natural fibre rope making; canoeing; camping; wilderness awareness skills; outdoor skills training; and much more.

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