Here you will find nature-based games, awareness exercises, guest speakers, reenactments and more. Together, these activities offer interesting perspectives of wilderness and some practical skills to explore your connections.


Geology Hike

See video clip We caught up with Bob Betcher on top of Blueberry Mountain where he was leading a walk on the geology of the area.

Storytime with John Muir

Storytime with John Muir. Featuring Howard Clifford. Watch a video about the grandfather of National Parks (US), founder of the Sierra Club, and environmental hero. His own story through an outdoor theater presentation.

A Visit with Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond

A visit with Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond Everyone should know a little more about Henry David Thoreau and his influence on everything from human rights, civil disobedience, nature philosophy and wildness. Watch his story through an outdoor theater presentation.

Time in the Woods with Grey Owl

Time in the woods with Grey Owl Canada’s first conservationist! Hear his story through a theatrical representation. He saved the beavers from being wiped out in Canada from the fur trade and was widely listened to–even from royalty and Queen Elizabeth in her youth.

A New Bridge put-up at Land Trust (Blueberry Mountain)

After a heavy spring run-off a new access bridge was built. Check-out the interesting design. A scaled model of this could be tried at home with pencils or popsicle sticks.