If you like bushcraft and survival skills then this is the page for you. Posts will include everything from shelters to rubbing sticks for fire and much more. Subtle tips that come from experience will be given (where most survival books fall short). While some activities are ideal for all ages, others are not and require knife use. You must educate yourself with safety and appropriate tool use before trying any activity.

Fire: Flint and Steel (ferro rod)

Flint and steel with birchbark demonstration. One of the fastest traditional methods. Watch video

Fire: bow & drill friction fire

The Bow & Drill Friction Fire. This is one of the toughest skills to learn in survival. Sort of like learning to roll a kayak or ride a bicycle. Includes a trouble-shooting guide.


Family building a survival leaf shelter.

Signal Mirror

Watch this video on the use of a signal mirror over the distance of 3.4km. Signal Mirror

Making a Pillow From Cattail Down

See the steps to making your own cattail down pillow.

Bows and Archery

Traditional Spirit. A guide to crafting a wood bow. This is a long video with bookmarks. It shows all of the steps.