Knowing a little natural history will enliven your walks. There are so many interesting clues, mysteries, and connections to consider. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes. This page will cover many interesting features for you to later point-out and explore on your walks. Do you know why the plant called ‘Touch-me-not’ is so named? Or its other common name, Jewelweed? A little show and tell on your hike will make lasting memories.

Another main feature of this page will be animal tracks. There is so much to learn from tracks, it is like the daily journal of the forest. You will find tips and clues here found in few books. A logical and simple approach to learning tracks will get you on your way. Fast!


Bottle Gentian

Bottle Gentian See why the Bumblebee is needed to pollenate this plant. Very interesting video!

Much more coming soon as new website populates!!


Animal Tracks and Sign
  1. Recognizing gait patterns (start here)
  2. Wide-Bodied Animals: lumbering track pattern
  3. The Diagonal Patterns: Oval, heart, & round shapes
  4. The Bounding Patterns of the weasels
  5. The Galloping Patterns of the rodents
  6. Some other tracks and sign (birds)

Try this quiz of tracks and sign mysteries